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Sales Tracking System -CRM is Management of customer and sales relationship.
Sales force automation (SFA) uses software to streamline the sales cycle. The core of CRM is a contact management system for tracking and recording every stage in the sales process for each prospective client, from initial contact to final disposition.

Sales Stages

starting on new leads and filtering them for initial qualifications in this stage we can say we have an qualified lead ..
next phase is identifying the opportunity and proposal stage through an negotiation and contracting. Finally we got the smallest number of closed won customers. during all phases the number of prospects are decreased as closed lost or delays or any status that makes deals are stopping for a while.


Custom Sales Cycle

Using Sales Tracking System (CRM) you can get any number of sales status and any sales process that fit with your organization and your industry business.
Not only the process and sales cycle can customized but also we are using your industries vocabularies and words.

Sales team monitoring

using Sales Tracking System (CRM) you can track all sales team activities and all their leads and visit results not only when you logged into the system. but also you can receive and announcements emails in your inbox about your subordinates activities.

Online access of Sales Tracking System - CRM

all organization members has an access identification for the system can easy use sales tracking system (CRM) through any internet connection even from pc or tablet or mobile.

Sales team benefits using Sales Tracking System - CRM

sales team members can track his meeting and calls without losing any event or todo. this dramatically increase the sales efficiency and ability to follow up even through big number of customer on the same time. sales executive and sales manager can see his reports on the system and get motivated when seeing the his sales pipeline and activities by numbers.

Manage your inventory using Sales Tracking System - CRM

using Sales Tracking system (CRM) you can manage your inventory and products and services provided to your customers. identifying the products and services prices and quantity. using purchasing orders to add products to your inventory. finally all closed sales can automatically generate an invoice from sales orders.

security and privileges in Sales Tracking System - CRM

In implementation stage all organization structure and positions are loaded to the system and you can select any type of privileges on any access /read /write levels. and for any type of data and screen. and manage sharing information within the system

Sales Tracking System -CRM customer support

sales tracking system -CRM have an section for customer support and fully integrated ticketing system . allowing external users or client to send inquiries related to product or service.

Arabic language support of Sales Tracking System - CRM

sales tracking system - CRM supporting arabic interface and a special arabic words search capability for all system vrable.

Sales Tracking System - CRM price

Sales tracking system - CRM is complete system with very affordable price for small and medium enterprises for all levels with three different packages. you can find prices by sending inquiries

Sales Tracking System - CRM backages

there are three different packages of sales tracking system -CRM. Basic package which is include all sales activities starting from lead to close the deal and professional package which include in addition the sales paper cycle and inventory with invoices. alst is advanced package that include in addition the customer support and ticketing system. for more information about packages please click here

Why organizations should use CRM systems

Sales team performance specifically, can be greatly enhanced through automation most importantly because it provides them with easy access to latest data.

What Does Sales Automation mean ?

Simply, sales team automation involves integrating tools that can help a business’s sales force manage leads, operating accounts, as well as, sustain a great level of client support or customer service. While automation of sales processes can sometimes prove to be costly, there are many benefits associated with it, especially in the long run. This includes enhanced overall productivity and profitability.

CRM allow high Tracking Capabilities

Using automation in business sales (CRM) allows companies to gain a favorable competitive advantage by enabling the decision makers to track the market trends together with the marketing activities of rivals. By determining the growth platforms, the automation tools provided the sales force with an advantage in the sense that it becomes easier to identify and reach new prospective customers before competitors and gaining a grip of the fast growing market.

CRM Increased Sales Efficiency

Automation of your sales team (CRM) will also help to save substantial amounts of time. For the real sales team members, automation will help them use their time more effectively. The ability to manage customer inventory, track leads, be in constant contact with clients and get new data regarding services and product teams provides the sales force with important facilities to successfully achieve targets

CRM Improved Communications

Sales team members can further make use of the automation tools to develop a strong communication and working system to enhance their effectiveness. Sales automation enables users to share information remotely. This can enable the team members to communicate with the management at headquarters, while ensuring that the data is safe and entered correctly from their end.

CRM Improved Evaluation of Sales Force

The sales team leaders and sales managers are able to get access to efficient reporting tools for evaluating and supervising the performance of their sales teams, as well as the individual team members.

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